Welcome to our Shake Workshop! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with our community and share our passion for what we do. Our goal for this workshop is to open our doors and showcase our team, our processes, and our commitment to creating the best possible shakes. We want to provide an interactive and educational experience that not only entertains but also informs our guests about the art of shake making.

We believe that making shakes is more than just blending ingredients together. It is a creative process that requires skill, knowledge, and a deep understanding of the ingredients and their flavors. Our team is passionate about exploring new flavors and techniques to create unique and delicious shakes that our customers love.

During this workshop, we will be sharing our knowledge and expertise on the science and art of shake making. We will be offering hands-on experiences, allowing you to create your own shakes and experiment with different ingredients and flavors. You will also have the opportunity to meet our team and learn about our backgrounds and what drives our passion for making shakes.

Workshop are available for team buildings, birthday and other celebrations.

birthday Party

We would like to be a part of your birthday! Creating a memorable birthday with us! You can choose between our regular menu or special mini burgers and shakes. You can choose either at Beltline or Deerfoot locations. Contact us for a request and we will send you the quote!



Do you have upcoming party, celebration or event? Are you looking for a Calgary catering service that can provide a variety of burgers and shakes options? We would love to be a part of your parties!

We would like to make your events are easy and enjoyable. You don’t need to worry about the catering, just enjoy your party! Whether you need family reunion, workplace party, or corporate catering services for any sizes of your event, we can help. You can choose any places including our locations and we will be there!

Our friendly team, attention to details, and mouthwatering catering will make your event the smashing success it deserves to be. Contact us for request catering services and we will send you the quote.


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